Number of BTL investors selling property slows

The number of buy-to-let (BTL) investors selling their properties has slowed, despite changes to tax and legislation.

Research shows that in 2020, the number of landlords choosing to sell property reached a seven-year low in the UK. The lull in the number of investors selling BTL homes last year has been attributed to limited opportunities for landlords to sell up in a year fraught by Covid-imposed disruption.

During the first lockdown that began in March 2020, the property industry was virtually ground to a halt. The eviction ban and six-month notice periods for tenants has also been recognised as impacting landlord selling activity.

Predictions had been made that there would be a mass exodos of landlords exiting the sector. However, as the research shows, widespread banishment of the BTL market has not taken place. On the contrary, investors are adapting to changes in legislation and continuing to be profitable.

Long-term investment proving most profitable

Reports also point to long-term investments in the BTL sector generating the biggest returns. Property investments for the long-term consistently perform as one of the best long-haul investment options available, particularly in the UK where property available to rent is growing in demand and there is strong capital appreciation of houses.

House prices are forecast to continue to rise in many parts of Britain in forthcoming years, and with increasing demand for homes to rent, the BTL market continues to offer shrewd investment opportunities.

Purchasing buy-to-let property at auction

If you are planning on entering the BTL market or increasing your investment portfolio in forthcoming months, auction can be a great way to find a lucrative property to let out.

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